Wearing your New Denture

Weeks 1-2

This is the adjusting stage, your mouth can feel dry or produce excess saliva.

A new denture may feel bulky at first, you may experience soreness in places.

Please try to persevere, as this is quite normal.

Dentures need time to settle in and adjust in the mouth.

Try eating some soft foods for this week and cutting food into small pieces helps.

Remove your dentures if you are experiencing discomfort that is hard to cope with and gradually try them in for longer periods.

It is important that you clean your dentures and remove them at night to allow your mouth and gums to rest from the pressures of a denture, this also reduces bacteria and promotes a healthier mouth.

Warm salt water rinses help the healing process.

Weeks 3-4

Gradually your gums will adapt to wearing a denture and you will be able to eat and chew your food successfully.

More time will be needed if you have recently had teeth extracted.

Your speech, eating, chewing and saliva flow should start to improve.

If you are still experiencing very sore spots, make an appointment to see Joe and we shall adjust your denture accordingly.

Week 5+

Congratulations! by now your dentures are feeling better and you are adapting to a new way of chewing, eating and talking.

If you have persevered and been successful, your dentures should give you many years of happy eating along with a great smile.

Dentures will last 5-10 years before the need to replace.

If you had extractions before your new denture, a reline may be required a few months later.

This is due to shrinkage, this naturally occurs and your denture becomes loose.

Make an appointment with Joe and we will reline them for you.

Please remember to visit your dentist every year for an annual mouth checkup, even if you have no remaining teeth.

Enjoy your new dentures! Please don’t hesitate in calling us if you still have any concerns about your denture.


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