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Participating Surgeries: Denture Referrals

Dentures by Joe Gaeta CDT

We understand, listen to you and work together with you to develop a smile that you are happy to wear, you can always bring a photo of yourself showing the smile you once had or would like to have. I will do my best to recreate it, ultimately it is most important that you can eat talk and feel confident wearing a comfortable denture that also looks natural and feels great.

I will only use the best quality materials, so for the Acrylic part of your denture I choose Diamond D this is an outstanding material that I have used for many years and find it produces the best results for my patients. There are many cheaper acrylics on the market used in other laboratories, but we believe in using only the best for our patients, try one of our dentures for yourself and feel the difference.

For the actual Teeth themselves, I do not compromise on quality and go for a great product called Enigmalife. These teeth are give a realistic natural shape and come in  many shades of colour as well as ranging in different sizes to complement your face and ultimate smile.

Please follow the link for more information on Enigmalife teeth. Enigmalife patient Information

We know there are many inferior dental materials on the market at the moment, but rest assured with Gaeta Dental laboratory Ltd our materials are all CE marked as a mark of quality standards set out by the GDC here in the UK.  We are registered with the Medical Devices Directive and support British manufacturing.

Mr Joe Gaeta CDT RCS (Eng) provides a full denture service for patients and dentists at participating dental surgeries in the Milton Keynes Area Please contact Joe for appointment details.

Call Joe direct on 01908 614156 or 07966 491 895

Mr Joe Gaeta CDT at a participating Dental Practice 

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Denture Referrals

Referrals to Mr Joe Gaeta CDT

  • Joe provides a bespoke denture service for dentists in the Milton Keynes area.

  • You can book an appointment to see Mr Joe Gaeta CDT.

  • Payment plans are available, please ask for details.

  • Joe manufactures your bespoke denture, allowing you to have more control on the finished natural look of your denture

  • A selection of  tooth shades and design shapes are available for individual patients.

  • Specific colour toning can be used on the acrylic aspect of your denture, to complement your natural dentition.

  • It is important that you are aware and understand your proposed Denture plan before making an informed treatment choice, that is acceptable to you.

  • Dentures can be produced in approximately 4-5 appointments over 4-5 weeks.

  • We can also provide a Fast Denture service on request, please ask for details.


I am a Dentist and interested in Denture Referrals

Referrals to Mr Joe Gaeta CDT 

  • Joe Provides a bespoke denture service to dentists on referral, in the Milton Keynes area.

  • Indemnity cover, DBS, ICO, GDC registered

  • Hayley RDN is available to work alongside Joe in surgery on request.

  • Please call Joe for details and price list.

  • We pride ourselves in providing a quality service and duty of care to patients and have established a good reputation locally.

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