Mouthguard Cleaning


Gaeta Guard Ltd by Luke Gaeta

Cleaning your new mouthguard

1. Remove your mouthguard and rinse away any food, dirt or debris 

2. Drop one effervescent tablet into enough warm water (Not Hot, this will damage/distort your mouthguard) to cover your mouthguard

3. Place your mouthguard into the fizzing solution for approximately 10-15 minutes

4. Rinse your mouthguard and dry with a paper towel & place your mouthguard into the box for safe storage.

Always use the box provided for your mouthguard. Check your Gaeta Guard mouthguard often, it is designed to withstand the pressure of clenched teeth.  Over time, your mouthguard may become loose and eventually wear.  If not replaced, an ill-fitting mouthguard can cause soreness and irritation to both teeth and gums.

Adapting to using your Gaeta Guard mouthguard takes time.  If you have any questions or advice concerning your mouthguard, please contact Luke Gaeta on:

Tel:01908 614156

Mobile: 07415885385 

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