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Cleaning your new mouthguard

Cleaning tablet instructions


1. Remove your mouthguard and rinse away any food, dirt or debris 

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2. Drop one effervescent tablet into enough warm water to cover your Gaeta Guard mouthguard



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(not Hot! or this will distort your mouthguard and effect the fit)

3. Place your Gaeta Guard mouthguard into bubbling blue solution


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4. When the blue colour clears……………


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This takes around 15-20 minutes


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5. Now rinse your Gaeta Guard and wash your hands


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6. Dry your mouthguard and hands with a clean paper towel


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Your Gaeta Guard is now fresh, clean & odour free!

7. Place your Gaeta Guard back into the box provided until your next game!


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Getting used to a mouthguard takes time.  If you have any questions after using your new Gaeta Guard, whether you want advice about  keeping your guard clean or have questions about the fit of your device, we’re here for you. Feel free to contact Luke Gaeta on 01908 614156 or 07415885385 with any questions or concerns about your mouthguard.

Your new Gaeta Guard may take some getting used to, with regular use and proper care, your guard will protect your teeth.  Follow these simple steps to care for your mouthguard.  Always use the box provided and rinse before putting it in your mouth.  Wipe the box clean with an antibacterial wipe or rinse the storage box when possible, leaving it to dry.  After removing, thoroughly rinse with cold water to remove dirt, debris and fluids. To clean use a soft toothbrush in warm soapy water and carefully brush both its inside and outside surfaces, pay special attention to the formed crevices, working the bristles all the way to the bottom.  Thoroughly rinse and place into a glass or beaker containing an effervescent tablet as instructed below.

Check your Gaeta Guard mouthguard often, it is designed to withstand the pressure of clenched teeth.  Over time, your guard may become loose and eventually wear.  If not replaced, an ill-fitting mouthguard can cause soreness and irritation to both teeth and gums.  It may fail to protect your teeth when you need it most.  To ensure that your Gaeta Guard is doing its job, check it often and call to book an appointment if needed. 


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