Gaeta Guard Sports Mouthguard

 Custom Mouthguards

Gaeta Guard sports mouthguard is an exclusive design produced by Luke Gaeta

 Price list 2020

One Colour : £45

Two Colour: £55

Three Colours : £65

Custom Design From: £70

Name inserted inside: £5

Your Gaeta Guard is boxed at no extra charge.

For Club/Team bookings Call Now on

Tel: 01908 614156 or mobile 07415885385


Tel: 01908 614156 or mobile 07415885385

Contact Luke Gaeta if you have any questions or concerns.
Always carry your Mouthguard in the box provided and rinse before putting it in your mouth.
Check your Gaeta Guard often, it is designed to withstand the pressure of clenched teeth.
Over time, your guard will become loose and wear out.
If not replaced, an ill-fitting mouthguard can cause soreness and irritation to both teeth and gums.
Look after your mouthguard, check it often and please visit your dentist regularly.

Mouthguard cleaning instructions on our page  *Gaeta Guard Sports Mouthguard Cleaning.

Please note: Mouthguards are unsuitable for anyone with fixed orthodontic appliances (Braces) Please ask for alternative mouthguard options.

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