GDC Guidance and scope of practice

GDC Guidance

GDC Guidance on the CDT’s  Scope of practice

Clinical Dental Technicians are registered dental professionals who provide complete dentures direct to patients and other dental devices on prescription from a dentist. They are also qualified dental technicians. Patients with natural teeth or implants must see a dentist before the CDT can begin treatment. CDTs refer patients to a dentist if they need a treatment plan or if the CDT is concerned about the patient’s oral health.

As a CDT, you can also undertake the following if you are trained, competent and indemnified

Prescribe and provide complete dentures direct to patients, fit other dental devices on prescription from a dentist they take dental history and relevant medical history, perform technical and clinical procedures, carry out clinical examinations within their scope of practice, take and process radiographs,  give appropriate patient advice and recognise abnormal oral mucosa. Fit removable appliances & sports mouth guards, keep full accurate and contemporaneous patient records.

Clinical Dental Technician Mr Joe Gaeta GDC 121159

GDC Guidance on the Dental Nurses Scope of practice

As a dental nurse, you can undertake the following if you are trained, competent and indemnified

Dental nurses are registered dental professionals who provide clinical and other support to registrants and patients.

Prepare and maintain the clinical environment, including the equipment, carry out infection prevention and control procedures, record dental charting and oral tissue assessment, prepare, mix and handle dental bio-materials, provides chairside support, keeping full, accurate and contemporaneous patient records. Prepare equipment, materials and patients for dental radiography, process dental radiographs, support and reassure patients, gives appropriate patient advice, trained in Medical emergencies and makes appropriate referrals to other health professionals.

Registered Dental Nurse Mrs Hayley Gaeta GDC 126430