Covid 19


 Covid 19


For current advice please follow the links below

The health and safety of our dentists, patients and our team is our number one priority.

We wanted to let you know of the extra preventative steps we are taking. 

  • We have updated our our infection control policy.
  • Updated our staff training in Covid -19 guidance.
  • Displaying signage and operate a closed door system.
  • We are keeping up to date with Public Health England,GDC Guidance.
  • We are following new guidance from BACDT on denture repairs. 
  • Following guidance before accepting receipt of a denture repair.
  • We use separate lathe brushes and pumice troughs from those used in the manufacturing of new dentures.
  • Disinfecting all burs and lathe brushes after use.
  • Lateral flow testing twice a week for CDT’s & dental nursing staff.

A high standard of infection control is of prime importance in our laboratory. It is essential to the safety of all who come into contact with our laboratory. Every member of staff has received training in all aspects of infection control, including decontamination of impressions, appliances and equipment.If there is any aspect that is not clear, or you have any questions regarding infection control this please ask, Mr Joe Gaeta Infection Control Lead.

Please follow the link for World Health Organization Updates on COVID-19 

Please follow the link for the General Dental Council guidance for the public